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We’re here to help you sleep better than ever.

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  • Easier


    Tempur-Pedic® mattresses evenly absorb the force of your body and its pressure points to reduce tossing and turning—so you can relax more fully into your sleep.

  • Faster


    Tempur-Pedic® mattresses adapt and conform to your body’s unique needs throughout the night. So you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • Easier


    Tempur-Pedic® mattresses dramatically reduce motion transfer between you and your partner. So you can rest undisturbed—and rejuvenate more deeply.

  • Cooler


    Tempur-Pedic® mattresses are designed with cutting-edge cooling materials to create a cooler sleeping environment—so you can get the uninterrupted, restorative rest you need.


95% of Tempur-Pedic® owners would recommend their mattress.

Source: 2017 Tempur Sealy Brand Tracker


Choose from our collections to find the feel that’s right for you.

TEMPUR-Adapt® Series


Legendary comfort and support for deeper sleep

The technology that started it all, redesigned for today. The TEMPUR-Adapt® Series combines superior cool-to-touch comfort with two layers of premium TEMPUR® Material. Continually adapting and conforming to your body’s changing needs throughout the night. Relieving pressure. Reducing motion. Relaxing you while you sleep and rejuvenating your days.

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TEMPUR-ProAdapt Series


Advanced pressure relief for restorative rest

Continuous innovation for continuous comfort. The TEMPUR-Pro Adapt is expertly engineered with the most pressure-relieving material we've ever created and one-of-a-kind cooling technology. It adapts and conforms to your body’s unique needs. Every point of contact is more fully supported. Motion is more fully absorbed. And pressure points are more fully alleviated. To give you deeper sleep that restores your whole body.

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TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Series


The ultimate TEMPUR® experience for total relaxation

The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt is the ultimate TEMPUR® experience. Maximum pressure-relieving power. Superior motion cancellation. One-of-a-kind cooling technology. All combined with our groundbreaking new material which intuitively adapts to your unique body in ultra-conforming comfort. Fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer. And experience total relaxation from the moment you lie down to the moment you rise.

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Power Bases & Foundations


Tempur-Pedic’s lineup of premium power bases lets you put yourself in the best position to sleep, sit, read, work or watch TV. Includes advanced features like the exclusive PerfectSeat ergonomic relaxation setting and QuietMode anti-snore technology. It’s all part of a holistic sleep system to give you ultra-customized, rejuvenating sleep.

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  • TEMPUR-Ergo ProSmart

    Power Bases

    TEMPUR-Ergo® ProSmart®

    TEMPUR-Ergo® ProSmart® is Tempur-Pedic’s most elite power base, combining exclusive premium technologies like the Soundcape Mode and Wave Form Massage to create the ultimate addition to a holistic sleep experience.

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  • TEMPUR-Ergo

    Power Bases


    The TEMPUR-Ergo® power base is an essential part of a holistic sleep system, combining premium technologies like QuietMode, USB ports and underbed lighting for a seamless sleep experience.

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