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Why Purple?

Instantly adaptive with cooling support, our GelFlex® Grid helps you sleep deeply and wake feeling refreshed.

  • Cushions + Support Purple Mattresses

    Cushions + Support

    Columns in the GelFlex® Grid give way to focused pressure from your hips and shoulders, while offering cradling support everywhere else.

  • Dissapates body heat

    Dissipates Body Heat

    With over 1,400+ ventilation chambers, the GelFlex® Grid promotes airflow to help balance temperature throughout the night.

  • Moves as you move - Purple Mattresses

    Moves as You Move

    Our instantly adaptive GelFlex® Grid moves with you as you shift positions. You’ll feel every inch of comforting support, so your sleep remains blissfully uninterrupted.

  • Essentials Collection - Purple Mattress
  • Essentials Collection

    Purple’s signature technology, the GelFlex® Grid, instantly adapts, cradles, and supports your whole body and keeps you cool throughout the night.

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  • Premium Collection

    The Premium Collection delivers superior cooling and targeted, personalized support across your entire body for a complete overnight recharge.

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  • Premium Collection - Purple Mattresses
  • What's the Difference?

    Two exceptional mattress types provide supportive comfort to fit your personal preferences. Discover the benefits of foam and hybrid mattresses to understand how to optimize your sleep.

  • Purple Mattresses
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